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Automatic Finance - Auto Financing for Car Dealerships!

Automatic Finance is constantly seeking to grow its auto financing network with the objective of creating new long lasting relationships with auto dealerships across the United States. We pride ourselves in our ability to finance difficult deals rapidly and efficiently. We ensure quality service to our dealer partners and aim to facilitate the growth of the car dealership through our services. Our value lies in our flexibility. We believe in finding a way to make every deal work, so whether it’s rehashing, restructuring or swapping collateral, we do it all. We also have the experience to properly structure deals that maximize the dealer advance while minimizing risk. Whether you are a new independent dealership or an experienced franchise operator, our programs will enhance your bottom line. If you are interested in selling more cars, we would like to discuss the opportunity to do business. Listed below are our company highlights:

  • Quick analysis and decision making with near instant turnaround time.
  • Streamlined processing that allows dealers to receive same day funding.
  • Customized deal management system that enables dealers to submit applications, view decisions, and track funding statuses.
  • Pricing designed to maximize dealership profits.
  • Competitive advance rates which increase with portfolio performance.
  • Flexible programs designed for each market.
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